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In Golestankooh village

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Accommodation facilities

Phase I of Leased Villas

There are 50 units of villas for rent, designed in different areas and plans. In the first phase, ten 100-square-meter duplex villas have been built and put into operation. It’s worth noting that each villa is suitable for up to 7 persons.
The Residential Villas section has a separate reception and office building and a park has been designed with children’s play equipment.

Amenities of Leased Villas

The villas have one bedroom with twin beds (two single beds), one bedroom with double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a fully equipped TV set and also a separate heating system and radiator for each unit.

Burrito Cafe & Restaurant

The 500-square-meter Burrito Restaurant includes a lounge and an outdoor area. The lounge can accommodate 140 people. Outdoor area includes pavilions, ponds, balconies with views of mountains and the Baghkal Dam, children’s playground and a musical water feature. The menu is a selection of the most popular Iranian and foreign cuisines and operates under the brand of the Burrito chain restaurants.

Golestankooh Promenade Complex - Designed By Farnam Homayounfar