Implemented projects

• The first phase of leased villas
The village has designed 50 villas for rent, of which 20 are 100 square-meters and 30 are 60 square-meters.
The 100-square-meter 2-story villa is designed with 2 master bedrooms and has separate guest suite. Each villa has a separate balcony of 20 square meters on its second floor for guest use.
These suites can be used by 7 people.
The suites have a separate reception and office building, and the park is designed with children’s play equipment. This view overlooks the mountains and the Baghlak Dam.

•Suite Amenities:
One room with twin beds
One room with a double bed
An all equipped Kitchen
Full TV set
Separate package and radiator
The second and third phases of the complex are also in motion and
will be operational by the end of next year.


The 500-square-meter chain restaurant is modern and operational
with a great view.
This restaurant consists of two sections: indoor (lounge) and outdoor.
The lounge can accommodate up to 140 people. The restaurant’s outdoor areas include pavilions, a water pond, balconies with views of mountains and the Baghkal Dam, children’s playground and a musical water feature.
The cuisine of this restaurant is both Iranian and foreign, and it operates under the brand name of the Burrito chain restaurants.
The restaurant’s café is also fully equipped to provide service.

  • Sports Facilities

The sports facilities of the village include playgrounds, related office buildings, parks, toilets, cloakroom and health roads.
Playgrounds include paintball, badminton, volleyball, basketball, tennis, mini soccer and indoor soccer with grass fields, all of which are standard and ready to use.
The bathroom and cloakroom of this complex have also been put into operation.
The village health road starts from these sports fields and is used for mountain hikes and cycling throughout the village.
A park is designed on the sports fields for sitting and using various sports equipment.

  • office building

The office building of the complex has an area of 2 square meters to carry out the sales and construction of the village.

  • Water ponds and Landscapes

There are various ponds and water features in the tourism village, including 3 water ponds, an artificial waterfall and a water feature for guests’ use.
The water pond with landscapes and pavilions has an area of 2000 square meters in the village and is designed in stone and various falling ponds have been designed in it.
A 300 square meter water pond with a musical water feature is designed and built on the grounds of the restaurant.
A beautiful artificial stone cascade has been built and put into use at the office area and entrance of the leased villas.